Santa Ana River Trail Photos - Zone 1

Huntington Beach Ocean to Hamilton Ave Costa Mesa

Huntington Beach State Park to Hamilton Ave Costa Mesa. The Santa Ana River Trail spans over 120 miles through Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. View photos of the trail from Huntington Beach Ocean to Hamiltion Ave Costa Mesa. It is utilized by school kids, workers, walkers, runners, bicyclists, horse riders, bird watchers and its parks and open spaces are social gathering places for kids, families and communities.

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The unOfficial Start at Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park

Tern Habitat at Huntington Beach State Park

Tern Habitat, Huntington Beach State Park

Trail alongside the Tern Habitat Huntington Beach State Park

Pacific Coast Highway Bridge,Huntington Beach,sart,santa ana river trail

Trail curves around under Pacific Coast Highway Bridge

Official Start,Mile Marker 0.0,Pacific Coast Highway,Huntington Beach,sart,santa ana river trail

Official Start Mile Marker 0.0 heading north near Pacific Coast Highway

sart,santa ana river trail,Mile Marker 1.0,Huntington Beach

Mile Marker 1.0 Huntington Beach

sart,santa ana river trail,Hamilton Ave Bridge,Costa Mesa

Approaching Hamilton Ave Bridge Costa Mesa

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