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Report Santa Ana River Trail Issues

28 February

Report Santa Ana River Trail Issues


Santa Ana River Trail Accidents and Complaint

Examples of Public Safety Issues To Report:
Littering; graffiti; vandalism, trail obstructions i.e. rocks, glass, potholes; motorized vehicles; dogs without leashes; homelessness; right-of-way; alcohol and drug use; personal injury, bicycle accidents, minors, gangs, speeding bicyclists, rude bicycling groups, etc.

When reporting a Santa Ana River Trail safety concern or complaints, please include the following information:
1) A detailed description and (photo if possible)
2) Location (mile marker or streets)
3) Date and Time
4) It would be helpful to include your name and telephone numbers if we need to follow-up with you. If you wish to remain anonymous we respect your privacy. Incidents will be investigated and reported on this website and to the appropriate police, sheriff departments, and governmental agencies.

We will report incidents here on the Santa Ana River Trail website to keep the public and local police informed.


Use our Contact Page to report problems and issues you encounter on the Santa Ana River Trail, Go To:

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