Santa Ana River Trail 200k

Santa Ana River Trail 200k

6 January

Santa Ana River Trail 200k
Date: Saturday Jan 12th. 2019

Must be a current RUSA member to ride in this event.
Start Time: 07:00 Registration: 06:00 Time Limit: 13.5 Hours

Route Map (subject to change):

Start Location: Quality Inn, 1750 S. Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino

This is an easy, flat 200k suitable for riders who are new to randonneuring. The route is simple – we ride the upper Santa Ana River Trail for 20 miles, ride mainly quiet roads through Norco, then 30 miles of the lower Santa Ana River Trail to Newport Beach, get a receipt at the only control, turn around and ride back. There will be no SAG for this event. If you think you might take more than 10 hours to complete the ride you must carry lights and reflective gear.


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