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What’s New on the Santa Ana River Trail

Update Tuesday March 20, 2018 – Santa Ana River Trail is closed between Memory Lane to Taft.

No detour route is posted. Bicyclist must find their own route using surface streets. We suggest using Ride with GPS to plot route.
Per OC Parks,  Santa Ana RiverTrail will remain closed until cleanup work is finished to return Trail back to its original condition.

The SART closure at Taft and Memory Lane are the worst possible point because of the 5 and 22 Freeways. Hopefully they will open Trail to Chapman to make the detour safer. OCParks has not posted a Detour route because of liability. The Orange County Bicycle Coalition has posted Detours on the Memory Lane fence.
santa ana river trail detour

There is no safe detour with bike lanes. You are at your own risk. There is only a couple possible routes. You can use these routes at your own risk. These routes are not for children or family rides due to the surface street dangers and NO Bike Lanes. You will need to ride sidewalks and walk bike through crosswalks. BE CAREFUL.

SouthBound Detour Route
At Taft, exit SART and Turn Left. You need to be very careful, watch for cars.
Turn Right onto Main St for 2.5 miles. There is no bike lane but street is wide. Ride near curb.
Turn Right onto W. La Veta Ave. La Veta turns slightly over 5 FWY and 22 FWY becomes N Bristol St. Be careful of Freeway on-ramp and off-ramp. No bike lane.
Turn Right onto W. Memory Lane. Cross Santa Ana River. Turn Right at SART Entry Gate. Make U-Turn, go under underpass to head South.

NorthBound Detour Route
Heading Northbound is not as easy as the SouthBound detour. You can use the SouthBound route in reverse. Or, use the below route. It is not safe. You will need to ride sidewalks.
Go under Memory Lane underpass. Exit SART at gate, Turn Right
Turn Right on The City Dr S.
The City Dr S. becomes S. State College Blvd.
Turn Right onto E. Ball Rd.
E. Ball Rd. becomes Taft Rd at Santa Ana River, Enter SART Trail on right side to head North

If you have any additional information about the Santa Ana River Closure, please pass it along to us. Email:

The below picture was taken Tuesday March 20th. It is possible to go around the closure BUT the gates are locked at Chapman and at Orangewood. There is NO EXIT.




Friends of the Santa Ana River Trail

Friends of the Santa Ana River Trail is a volunteer community group involved in Bicycle safety education, eco-friendly preservation and recreational multi-use of the Santa Ana River Trail system. Also, known as the Santa Ana River Bikeway, Santa Ana Bicycle Path and SART. Our goal is to encourage a high quality, family oriented trail system that blends an attractive mix of recreational amenities, neighborhood green space, and local cultural heritage allowing people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the pleasures of the Santa Ana River Trail in a fun and safe environment.

As Santa Ana River Trail advocates our community oriented goal has three main parts: 1) to enhance public safety of the Santa Ana River Trail through public education and volunteer community watch; 2) to encourage the socio-economic recreational use of the Santa Ana River Trail as a conduit for connecting local communities, neighborhoods, families, friends and workplaces together; and 3) to act as the Santa Ana River Trail Mediator resolving trail use disputes, complaints, and injury.

The Santa Ana River Trail spans over 120 miles through Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The trail is one of the largest non-motorized social boulevards in the United States. It is utilized by school kids, workers, walkers, runners, bicyclists, horse riders, bird watchers and its parks and open spaces are social gathering places for kids, families and communities.

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